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A mastermind group designed to deliver results!

Frustrated with marketing tactics that do not deliver? Tired of marketing platforms not performing as advertised? Unsure what to do next?

Brilliant Solutions is for you! 

  • Learn from a marketing expert with ten years of experience
  • Create a marketing plan customized for your business 
  • Collaborate with local business owners and professionals 
  • Build a stronger small and medium sized business community 
  • Take control of your marketing!

Roger Gallegos 


Beacon Marketing 

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Benefits of Joining the Group

Learn From Other Business Professionals

We all face the same challenges when it comes to marketing so learn from others who have been where you are. 

Get The Most Out Of Your Time

Focus your time and energy to ensure you market your business effectively and efficiently

Improve Your Marketing Efforts to Grow Your Business

Marketing is the best, most effective way to grow your business. Improving how you do that puts you in the best position to succeed.