The goal of any content marketing campaign is to deliver content that your target audience will act upon. Whether it is liking, sharing, clicking, or completing the desired action, we want our potential customers to do something. Advances in technology have given marketers a wealth of new tools to create compelling content which will motivate your target audience to act. Let?s explore different ways you can create engaging content.

Staying Relevant in 2018

Here is how you can use content to stay in front of your target audience and on the top of their minds:

Video – People want content they can quickly and easily digest. Videos accomplish this, so if you can produce video content to promote your business, give it a try. It will give you a chance to say a lot in a short amount of time. An added benefit of video marketing that it allows more of your personality to come through, which helps create a deeper connection with your audience.

Interactive Content – This is an effective type of content because it encourages your audience to engage, and if they do, there is a certain level of commitment. Home value estimators are an example. You are required to put in your information, which gives you the estimated value of your home. In return, the real estate agent who provided the tool gets your email, which allows them to market directly to you. Many different types of businesses can use this model.

Storytelling – Telling a story through your marketing is another way to create a deeper connection with your audience. To tell an effective story, you must let your brand?s story come through. When done correctly, your audience will learn more about why you do what you do and what sets you apart from your competitors, creating another level of commitment.

Make it MobileAccording to the Pew Research Institute, 77% of Americans own a smartphone, and nearly 60% of searches are on a mobile device. Those stats together mean your target audience will most like view your content on their smartphone or tablet. Whatever you put out there must be mobile compatible.

The list above are all options that help your target audience easily engage with your content–and your business– on their terms. If you follow the above, you?ll soon find your customers beginning to look forward to your content.

Increased Value of Quality Content

Long gone are the days where you can simply publish a bunch of content and see an increase in revenue. Your audience has more power than ever before which means you have to create content which speaks directly to their needs. Addressing their pain points with quality content increases the chances they will engage with you and go from prospect to paying customer.