Finding My Beacon

Hello, my name is Roger Gallegos and I am the Founder of Beacon Marketing. I am writing this blog as a way to reintroduce Beacon Marketing to the world. But to tell you where Beacon is going, I have to look back over twenty months to its inception.

December 2016: The Beginning

I was working for a local marketing company here in Albuquerque, NM. I had been working in digital marketing for almost 6 years at that point. However, I had grown frustrated with not being able to serve my clients in the way I saw fit; a way that would truly help their companies grow.

My frustration stemmed from the fact that many of the businesses I worked with did not understand how to evaluate what they needed from a marketing standpoint. For instance, I was (more than once) assigned a client who wanted email marketing, but had no list of email addresses. In other cases, I had clients who did not know how to use their website in their marketing efforts. Other clients were sold a website that was too large for their needs and budget, and still others signed up for social media marketing without being told how they could best leverage it.

I do not say this to shame anyone, but rather to illustrate the gap I saw in businesses who needed help marketing their business and the marketing companies who provided that help.

That gap was the opportunity I saw for Beacon Marketing.

April 2017: A Dream Becomes Reality

A lot of entrepreneurs can tell you the specific moment that they knew they wanted to own their own business. I, however, cannot do that. All I know is that for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to forge my own path and be the master of my own destiny.

In the spring of 2017, I began my life as an entrepreneur and founded Beacon Marketing as a way to bridge the gap that had so frustrated me in my former jobs. I wanted to help educate and guide small- and medium-sized business owners in evaluating their marketing needs and building a marketing foundation to help them make the best marketing decisions for their businesses.

From a branding standpoint, I was not a known commodity in the community. So, I decided to make my logo and the name?Beacon Marketing?the face of what I was doing. It worked for a time, and I started to gain clients, and more and more people in Albuquerque were becoming familiar with Beacon Marketing and, by extension, me.

December 2018: A Revelation

This past December, I attended a workshop designed to help business owners understand how to grow their businesses. One of the exercises we did was to ask the other attendees how we could best serve them. For me, as a markerter, everyone I spoke to that day told me they wanted to learn how they could better promote their own business. They did not want someone to do it for them. Instead, they wanted to be taught how they themselves could become more effective marketers of their brand and business.

This led me to create The Definitive Marketing Strategy Guide by Beacon Marketing. You can find more information here, but, essentially, it is a DIY guide to developing a custom marketing strategy guide for your business.

I finished the guide in mid-March, but have had trouble finding my audience. This leads us to today and the reason for this blog post.

May 2019: Moving Forward

If you have stuck with me for this long, thank you! I know this is a lot, but I wanted to put the changes you will be seeing from Beacon Marketing into context.

When I started my business, I felt the logo and name were everything. I spent a lot of time picking the best colors, making sure the font looked strong, and that the logo itself portrayed the correct message. I made sure my business cards stood out. (Not to brag, but I have gotten numerous compliments over the last two years on both my card and my logo.)

However, I realized the mistake I made was not telling the story of ME?at least, not in a compelling way. I did not spend the time on me that I did on my logo, brand colors, fonts, or business cards. This became apparent when no one bought the guide I had worked day and night for four months to develop.

Looking back, I realize that when I got a chance to speak to potential client, to let them know my story, we inevitably created a strong connection?a connection much stronger than just a card or logo could produce.

I realized that when I asked people to pay for my guide, I was doing so from behind a logo. And even though I was in the videos promoting the different modules of the guide, I had not put in the time for a person unknown to Beacon Marketing to believe and trust in ME as a person.

So that is the change you will be seeing from this day forward. You will understand and know who I am and what I believe in so that when I share a piece of content, advice, or my thoughts, you will understand the weight and gravity behind it. I truly look forward to sharing more of who I am, my story, and how I believe I can help you.

For now, here are the things which define who and what I am:

My name is Rojerio ?Roger? Gallegos.

I am proudly born and raised in Albuquerque, NM.

I am an incredibly lucky husband to a beautiful, smart, and strong woman.

I am the incredibly proud father of a beautiful, smart, and strong daughter.

I am also lucky to be a father to the funnest and most loyal fur-babies.

I sincerely care about you and your business and would love to help you build the business of your dreams…

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