Goals As Beacons

A core tenet of Beacon Marketing?s methodology is how we view goals. It can be easy to state a goal but not do anything to accomplish the goal. We believe the goals you state for your business should be reflected in your marketing plan, or RoadMap. And these goals should serve to help guide you in the decisions that you make. For this reason, we refer to goals as Beacons.?

A beacon, as defined by Merriam-Webster?s online dictionary, is a lighthouse
or other signal for guidance. We have built our methodology and processes around the idea of finding what you want to accomplish and using that as a bright signal to guide us as we use the tools at our disposal to help you grow your business.

Beacon uses the SMART method of outlining your Beacons to make them clear and more achievable. Stating your Beacons in this fashion lays the foundation for the RoadMap and Itinerary. It is also integral to how we use the 3 ?REs? to evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts because we will have a clear and precise way to determine success or failure.

Beacon Marketing is happy to help you better define your Beacons and get you started on a successful marketing journey.?