At Beacon Marketing, we believe success in marketing starts with strategy. An effective marketing strategy allows you to understand the goals you are trying to meet and details what you need to do to accomplish those goals. 

We also believe that a multi-channel approach in which you utilize your website, email marketing, and social media is the most effective way to market your business. 

However, we do understand that if you are just getting started, trying to manage multiple marketing channels all at once can seem overwhelming. This is especially true if you do not have a large marketing team (and let’s be real: most small businesses do not). 

So, in this blog we are going to look at social media and how developing a marketing strategy can make you more effective on your marketing channels, especially when you’re just starting out.

Understand Your Target Audience Better

When you develop a marketing strategy, whether it is a strategy that governs all aspects of your marketing activities or one that is focused on a singular channel like social media, you absolutely have to take time to understand your target audience.

Your target audience is the group of people who you are trying to reach, interact with, and eventually convince to make a purchase. By taking the time to define who your perfect customers are and even develop customer avatars, you are gaining a deeper understanding of the people who you are trying to connect with. 

On social media, where making strong connections is the main point, the importance of understanding who you are speaking to cannot be overstated. 

Understand that Your Messaging has Purpose

One of the great things that a strategy does is that it details your marketing goals over a given period of time. These goals should guide your messaging because, at its essence, a strategy is geared towards achieving those goals. 

An example of this would be a holiday promotion for Christmas. If you determine that your goal is to increase sales for this year by 10% over last year, then your messaging up to the time of the end of the promotion should be focused on reminding your audience about the promotion. 

This does not mean that ALL your messaging has to be about your holiday promotion. It just means that you now have a specific purpose for your messaging.

Social Media Personas are More Defined

An important note to remember about social media is that not all social media platforms are the same. We say this because we often see businesses post the EXACT same messages across multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Each platform generally has a specific aspect that sets it apart or is geared towards a certain audience. Instagram is mostly images and short videos. Twitter is about short messages that share information quickly and effectively. LinkedIn is geared towards a professional audience. A niche platform like Twitch is geared towards gamers. 

A marketing strategy will help you understand which social media platforms you should be using and will also give you the opportunity to develop a persona that best fits the audience and the purpose of the platform. 

You are Better Prepared

A marketing strategy is essentially a map that details how your marketing efforts will be used to grow your business. By detailing a marketing strategy, you are outlining who you are targeting, which platforms you will be using, and how you will use those platforms. 

This level of preparation makes the process of using your map much, much easier because you have detailed the steps you need to take. The key here is understanding how you will use your resources and what needs to be done on a daily or weekly basis.

More Time to Interact

As stated above, one of the most important benefits of social media is being able to connect and interact with your audience. With your strategy, you know who you are targeting, what you are trying to accomplish, which platforms you are using, and how you will use them. 

All the planning is done. 

This will allow you more time to actually be proactive and interact with your audience. As they interact with your content, you can answer questions, thank them for likes, or comment on their posts. This all goes towards building your brand and creating a deeper connection with your target audience. 

Even though social media as we know it has been around for fifteen years, many marketers are still trying to understand how to best use it to grow their business. There is no one “right” way to use social media. There is only the best way for your business. Developing a social media strategy for your organization will help you understand how social media can be used to establish your brand, increase your audience, and ultimately grow your business. 

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