Technology changes at such a rapid pace, its very advancement and the impact on our lives often goes unnoticed. We rarely have the time or energy to reflect on these changes and how we may best utilize the technological advancements in our day-to-day activities.

What is Changing and How It Can Benefit You

Here are the 2018 technological trends to look forward to and what you can do to leverage them for success:

    • Big Data Will Become More Important – Everything we do online creates a data point, which means you can track how your audience receives and interacts with your content. Smart marketers will use these data points to enhance their marketing strategies to deliver a more precise message to the exact audience they are looking to target,
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Enjoy More Widespread Use: No, we do not have to worry about evil marketing robots bent on world domination? at least not yet. What we do have to look forward to is tools and software to make Facebook and Google Ads more customizable; help make websites more personalized based on the visitor; help create content specific to the user; and others. Updating your marketing strategy to include usage of AI tools can make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient.
    • Chatbots Will Be Even More Popular – These already enjoy widespread use, and in 2018, as the technology improves, they will garner even more attention. What makes them so useful is that they take the place of a customer service rep or assistant on your website that is always ready to tend to your potential customer?s needs. Letting chatbots tend to incoming questions will allow your staff to focus on other tasks.
    • How Websites Are Used In Marketing Will Change For nearly two decades, your digital marketing centered on your website. The rise of Google and SEO meant a website was essential to any online success. However, the societal and cultural impact of social media (Facebook in particular) has marginalized the need of websites to a certain extent. Study your target audience to understand how and where they spend their time online, so you know how to allocate your marketing resources best.

These changes to technology present a lot of opportunity for those who can both recognize the changes and develop ways to leverage the changes for the benefit of their organization. Keeping pace with technology is a challenge, but remaining aware of the changes and focusing on two or three points that best fit your marketing strategy will help you not just compete but position you and your business for success.