One of the toughest challenges when it comes to marketing is that it never ends. 

Think about it. 

If marketing is a necessity, and it is, then as long as you are in business you should be promoting it. 

This is where many small businesses, especially sole proprietors and solopreneur, struggle. 

There are so many things that go into operating a successful business. Things like clients, order fulfillment, employees, finances, etc. All of these could be  “fires” that a business owner must work on or put out. 

Sometimes multiple times. On the same day. 

Marketing happens over time. There are rarely marketing emergencies. To be clear, marketing can be urgent and is extremely important; however an unhappy customer, or large order, or employee issues often represent bigger, in-the-moment issues that require immediate attention. 

That is why marketing often falls to the wayside. Other, more immediate needs tend to push marketing out of the way. 

What if we told you there was a way to make marketing a simpler task that can be done effectively and efficiently on a regular basis that still allows you the capacity to handle the more pressing needs of operating a business?

Would you be interested? 

Well there is. That is to view your marketing efforts as a system. 

In its simplest terms a system is an organized framework or method. 

Let’s dig deeper into this idea to understand exactly how viewing marketing as a system can make marketing your business easier. 

Processes Are Defined

One of the first things done when developing a system is to define the processes that will make the system work. This is the framework or method mentioned in the definition above. 

How this works in marketing is that you develop processes for the following marketing-related activities:

If you define what these processes are for your business, then you can begin to practice and master them. This will allow you and your team to work more efficiently, taking less time to do what is needed to promote your business. 

Goals Are Defined

Your marketing goals are defined when you develop a marketing strategy

For the purposes of a system, having those goals defined gives you a north star of sorts to reference as you work through your daily and weekly marketing tasks. 

If anything feels off, then all you have to do is look at your goals and determine what path is most likely to help you achieve those goals. 

This makes the path to your goals shorter and a quicker one to traverse. 

Identify Opportunities To Improve

As stated above, one of the core benefits of viewing marketing as a system is that you have defined processes that are completed on a regular basis. 

Because you are doing these processes regularly, you will most likely find ways to improve those processes. It could be eliminating an unneeded step or adding a step to make the process easier or more efficient. 

This becomes especially important when you begin including others in your marketing system. 

Teach Others

This is the benefit of a system that we really like. Because you have set processes that deliver reliable results, you can teach others what those processes are as you grow and add team members. 

This allows you to focus on other areas of your business while trusting that the important marketing work is being completed.

More Reliable Results

The truly great thing about a system of marketing is that the longer you work in the system, the more reliable the results. As you work and refine the processes that make up your marketing activities you can depend on when content will be completed and published.

You will also be able to depend on the results of what that content will deliver in terms of leads and revenue generation. 

If you are able to first view marketing as a system, then you are able to create a system of marketing for your business that is suited to deliver the results you need to grow. As defined above, a system “is an organized framework or method”. Done properly you will create processes that are set up to meet the goals you set, that can be taught to others, and that will deliver more reliable results. This will put you in a much better position to succeed in your marketing efforts, therefore putting you in position to grow your business.

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