A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the necessity of assigning a purpose to your marketing content. Assigning a purpose to each piece of marketing content you develop is a great first step to making the most of the time, effort, and (potentially) money you devote to promoting your business.

The next step to take is to understand exactly how to distribute the marketing content you develop. When I say ?distributing?, ?I am referring to understanding which marketing channels you decide to use and why.

You can read more about how to decide which marketing channels to use to distribute your content here. In this blog I am going to speak about the necessity of taking a multichannel approach to marketing your business.

This means using a variety of marketing channels to deliver your content as opposed to just one. Here are the reasons you want to use more than one marketing channel to deliver your marketing content.


People Need Multiple ?Touches?

It takes an average of eight ?touches? to get a conversion. This can be to schedule a meeting, download an ebook, or make a purchase. Because it takes your audience multiple times seeing and experiencing your content, it helps to deliver it in a different format. So you may post a blog about a certain topic for your website, then create an infographic to share on Instagram, then shoot a video for Youtube.

Your audience has a short attention span, so give them the opportunity to engage your marketing content on multiple levels. The more chances you give them to see and absorb what you are promoting, the better chance you will have of getting that conversion.

You Are Targeting Multiple Audiences

Chances are you serve more than one target audience. This means that a segment of your target audience may primarily use one platform to get their information, while another segment of your target audience uses another.

If you limit the marketing channels you use to deliver your messaging, you limit your ability to reach out to your target audience. This will limit your ability to create awareness, educate and engage, convert, and retarget previous customers. Expanding your use of different marketing channels will increase your reach, therefore increasing the opportunity for a conversion.

You Are Promoting Multiple Services/Products

Having multiple services and/or products goes hand-in-hand with having multiple audiences. Your different offerings most likely serve different audiences, so promoting your variety of services on different marketing channels is a must.

Another benefit of using multiple platforms is you can give your audience different viewpoints of what you are selling. More on this in a second.

Build Strong Followings On Different Platforms

In 2019 it is not smart to put all of your marketing eggs in one marketing channel basket. In recent years changes to Facebook?s policies have altered the way marketers promote themselves on their platform. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you had all of your marketing efforts tied into Facebook, then any change could be disastrous. Even minor changes could result in a severe drop in leads and in turn revenue.

Using multiple platforms mitigates this ?possibility by spreading your liability across different platforms. So if there is a change in one, you are able to rely on the others while you adjust your approach. Another added benefit is you can cross-promote your different marketing channels increasing your reach and effectiveness.

Tell A More Effective Story

At the end of the day, marketing is about storytelling. You are trying to tell your target audience why your business is best suited to address their needs. Being able to tell that story in different formats on different marketing channels allows you to tell a better, more diverse story.

You can go simple with a graphic image, or go deep with a blog. Entertain and educate with a video or keep them informed with an email. Whatever your goals may be, using different marketing channels help you tell a richer story and allows your target audience to get to know who you are and how you can help.

Using multiple marketing channels is no longer an option. To be seen and grow your business, you MUST target and engage your audience on multiple fronts. This means using different marketing channels to promote your variety of services and products to target different audiences. If you do you will be able to tell a more powerful story and earn the leads you need to grow.

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