For the last few weeks, we?ve detailed how you can spring clean your marketing efforts. So far, we?ve looked at your website and then your email marketing. We are going to finish up this week by looking at how you can ?clean? your social media marketing.?

Social media marketing is a versatile method of marketing yourself and your business because you can utilize different platforms to target multiple audiences in a variety of ways. You can also connect with your intended audience in ways that you can?t with marketing channels.

You have to be careful, however; your social media can become stale quickly. To prevent that staleness from settling in, let?s examine six ways to spring clean your social media marketing.

Review Your Stated Goals

Start spring cleaning your social media by looking at your marketing goals. You should have set specific goals for your social media marketing efforts when you developed or updated your marketing strategy. Now you want to see where you stand compared to those goals.?

Are you growing your followers? Is your engagement up? Does your audience seem keyed into the information you are sharing. Study the analytics for each social media platform to better understand how your audience is reacting, or not reacting, to your social media posts.?

If your audience isn?t growing or if you?re not getting the level of engagement you want, you may need to adjust your approach (more on this below).

Review Your Target Audience

As your business grows and you add or remove products/services, your target audience may also change. As you review your social media performance, take a look at your target audience to ensure it matches the tone and messaging you want to put out.


A change in target audience will impact the social media channels you use and the forms of marketing content you develop. For example, if you decided to add products or services that were intended for B2B, you should strongly consider adding LinkedIn to the social media platforms you use to reach a more business-minded audience.?

Reexamine Social Media Channels

Speaking of social media channels, make sure you?re on the platforms your audience is using. You may even end up dropping one social media channel for another.?

An example of this would be Facebook and Tik Tok. If your target audience skews towards the younger demographic, then you may decide to lower your social media engagement so you can focus on an emerging platform like Tik Tok. Conversely if your target audience is older or maybe family-oriented, then Facebook may be a better option.?

The key here is to ensure you are speaking to your intended audience by placing your messaging where they are most likely to see it.?

Study Your Competition

While you are at it, take a peek at what your competitors are doing. You will get valuable insights on who they are targeting and which services/products they are promoting the most.?

Chances are, they?re missing some opportunities that you can take advantage of.?

Audit Your Processes

As you review your social media marketing efforts, you?ll most likely determine how you can improve your social media processes. It could be the way you develop content like blogs or videos or who?s in charge of replying to questions or comments from your audience.?

Use this time to improve the behind-the-scenes efforts you to put your team in the best position to succeed. It will make things much easier for everyone involved.?

Revise Social Media Strategy

Like we alluded to earlier, now might be a good time to revise your social media strategy. Here are some reasons why you may want to update your social media marketing strategy:

  • Adding/removing a particular platform
  • Changing your target audience
  • Not meeting or exceeding stated marketing goals
  • Promoting new products or services
  • Promoting upcoming events or important dates

That is not an exhaustive list, but as you can tell, there are many reasons why you may need to revise social media in your marketing efforts. And you will only find these reasons if you take the time to do some spring cleaning.

Social media is a highly effective method of communicating with your target audience. Setting aside some time periodically to review how your social media efforts are working and making the necessary changes is a great way to ensure you get the highest ROI. If you take the time to set up the channel and develop a social media strategy, then you?re doing what you can to ensure long-term success.

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