The 3 REs

Developing a marketing strategy (the RoadMap) and implementing the strategy (Itinerary) is only part of the journey of a successful marketing campaign. To be truly successful you must evaluate your marketing strategy to see which elements are working and which are not. To this end, Beacon Marketing developed the 3 ?REs??Reinforce, Re-do, and Re-think. This is done on a regular basis to get an understanding of where and how the RoadMap is performing. Here is what the 3 ?REs? consist of:

  • Reinforce: If certain RoadMap action items are getting you to your Beacons, then we will continue with similar action items and see if we can also implement them in other areas of the
  • Re-do: If we see certain action items work but still not quite help us reach your Beacons, we will look to see if we can restructure the action to get us the desired results we are aiming for.
  • Re-think: As much as we would like to claim perfection, no one hits the target 100% of the time. If an action item is not getting us close to the Beacon we have listed, we will reevaluate the Beacon, the action item, or both.

This might be?the most important service Beacon Marketing provides as it gives give us a clear way to understand how your marketing efforts are working, or not working, in growing your business. Done on a periodic and regular basis, the 3 ?REs? will give you insights that many other companies do not have?and that will give you the edge you need to succeed.