If you are looking for help with marketing your business, it can be easy to get stuck on whatever marketing tactic is trending at the moment. However, you must build your marketing strategy upon a foundation of sound marketing basics, or you run the risk of losing your message, your audience, or both.

Let?s look at some marketing basics to keep in mind while staying current with the latest marketing trends:

  • Keep it about your target audience
    No matter the direction you choose regarding content development, you must remember to keep the focus on the client and their needs. Whether you are providing a direct solution to a problem or providing valuable information they can use in the future, you must understand their pain points and directly address those points. You can speak directly to your clients or conduct a survey if you are unsure of their pain points. The more information you get, the better you will be able to speak to their needs.
  • Strategy before tactics
    Before you decide what you are going to do, you need to stop and determine how you should do it. Developing a marketing strategy before deciding on a set of tactics gives you the structure you need to work efficiently and (hopefully) avoid wasting time and money.
  • Marketing is not a luxury
    Remember that marketing your business is a necessity. Word of mouth is great as you starting out and build a following. However, if you wish to grow and maintain long-term success, you must attract new customers and stay on top of the mind of current/previous customers. Marketing is the way to achieve this, so whatever approach you take, make sure it is something sustainable.
  • Position yourself and your brand as industry leaders
    Marketing is about promoting you and your business. Showing your confidence and positioning yourself as a trusted brand means people will turn to you when they have questions about the industry or when they want to receive the best service. Remember, this is not about putting others down but focusing on the things you do best.
  • Be Authentic
    Authenticity might be the most important basic principle. In a world where technology has made it easier to connect and reach a broader audience, a sad twist is that many feeling lonely and disconnected. Even if we do not state it, we are all looking for a genuine connection, even if it is for a simple purchase. We also want to feel like it was time and money well spent when we do business with someone, and that is something you can only achieve by being true to who you are and the values of your organization. Let this come out in your messaging. Showcase valuable employees or publish videos of company gatherings. Let people peek behind the curtain a bit. Making a connection is key in marketing, so find the best way for you and your brand to do that.

Marketing can be distilled into the simple act of letting those outside of your organization know how your services and/or products can improve their lives. Advances in technology and the evolution of content marketing may have changed the method, but what has not changed are the basic principles of building a sound marketing campaign. Keeping these ideas in mind will give you the guidance you need to properly implement new techniques and technology while staying true to who and what you are.