The RoadMap

Beacon Marketing views marketing like a journey, or trip. When you plan a trip it is common to look at map as it gives you an idea of where you are going in relation to where you are at, how long it will likely take to get there, and what you might need to reach your destination. That is why we have developed the Roadmap to help guide us on your marketing journey.

What is the RoadMap?

The RoadMap, what most refer to as a marketing strategy, is a powerful tool Beacon creates for each client. We use it to help guide us and the client to the achievement of their marketing goals?
what we call Beacons. We develop your unique RoadMap through thorough research, done by Beacon Marketing, along with information from the Destination Sheet. The research includes:

  • Information about your competitors
  • The marketing channels that are best for your industry
  • The best ways address your target audience
  • The best way to leverage your competitive advantage.

How It Helps

The RoadMap outlines a custom strategy specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. It details:

  • Which of your products or services should be highlighted
  • Which of your customers should be targeted
  • How those customers should be addressed
  • The channels you should use to disperse your messaging.

We will also list specific Beacons along to way to help us measure the success of your marketing campaign. Because the needs of your business may change, the RoadMap is flexible enough to easily change to better meet those needs. Once the RoadMap is finalized, we create a calendar, or Itinerary.

By giving us a clear path to follow, the RoadMap helps prevent lost time or wasted resources. It will guides Beacon and all you to understand where we are at all times during the implementation of your new marketing strategy.

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