As marketers we strive to increase revenue through effective and efficient marketing measures. However, this should not be the driving motivation behind our marketing efforts. We should aim to create a loyal customer base by looking to create a deeper connection with our audience. One of the most effective ways you can create this connection is by being authentic in your messaging.

Six Ways To Be Authentic In Your Messaging:

Authenticity in your messaging is important because it gives your audience a window into how your organization operates. This makes your company more relatable and encourages your audience to engage with you on the marketing platform of their choice.

Here are some ways you can be more authentic in your messaging:

    • Tell the story about your business: Let your customers know why you do what you do. Displaying the passion you have for your industry will give your audience more confidence that you are well equipped to solve their pain points.
    • Behind the scenes: Virtual tours. Periodic updates about your organization. Information about your involvement in the community. These are all ways you can give your audience a ?peek behind the curtain.? Another way they can feel more connected and a part of the process.
    • Own up to mistakes: Everyone has a miscue once in a awhile. When your business makes a mistake, apologize and own the mistake. This shows your customers you truly are about them and that your goal is their satisfaction.
    • Engage with your customers: In marketing, as in all walks of life, communication is a two-way street. When posting messages ask for your audience?s input. When they respond make sure to reply in a timely manner. Also look to do surveys, polls, or anything which makes them feel part of the conversation.
    • Educate your audience: ?Keep in mind your audience?s pain points as you develop marketing content. Be a resource by educating your audience about solutions to their pain point. Subtly offer your services, but remember to always be a resource first.
  • Make it part of your company culture: Authenticity should not end with your marketing. Your staff should know about your intentions to be more authentic. Instruct them on how they can be authentic in all of their daily interactions.

Consumers want to be seen as as more than a transaction. It is our jobs, as marketers, to create a space for them to be connected with us and our brand on a deeper level. The suggestions above will help you do that in your messaging and daily activities. Let us know how you strive to create a deeper connection.