It is essential with any piece of marketing content you publish to illustrate how your services/products address your target audience?s pain points. This is part of educating your potential customers about your organization and its capabilities. In a way, you are ?showing your feathers? and ?peacocking? to attract new customers, i.e.

It is one thing when you do this for your business. It?s another for someone who is not directly affiliated with your organization to do the “peacocking.”

That someone I am referring to is one of your customers. Being able to generate word-of-mouth promotion is the holy grail of marketing. Why? Because someone with no long-term stake in your business becomes your advocate. They use their platform to speak to people who trust them about how great your business is.

And the best part of this scenario: its FREE! People who sing your praises generally do it because they are excited about what you are offering and want to become willing advocates.

So how do you turn a paying customer into an excited advocate? Let?s look at five ways this can be done.

Focus On Customer Service

Turning your customers into advocates all begins with customer service. Treat your customers well and you will have a great chance of having them returning the favor. Treat them poorly and they will almost definitely tell their friends.

Set a standard for the way your customers are to be treated and make sure everyone from upper management on down understands what is expected of them

Set Expectations, Live Up To Them, and Be Consistent

Speaking of expectations, gain the confidence of your customers by letting them know what they can expect from your organization every time they do business. Whether it?s free delivery service or work completed under a certain time frame, be consistent in the delivery and quality of your offerings and your customers will begin to take notice.

Over time they will share their experience and recommend you to others.

Make It Personal

People love a personal touch. Since I am speaking about adding a personal touch, please allow me to get personal. Sometimes I work remotely. When I do, I usually eat lunch and work at a Panera here in Albuquerque. There is a manager who took notice and asked my name. I recently had lunch and worked at this Panera and saw this particular manager. Even though it had been several weeks since I had been there, she remembered my name and asked me how I was doing. Not only that, she refilled my drink and offered me a cookie on the house.

This is also an extension of customer service. That level of service along with remembering my name made me feel welcome. I have already told many people I network with about this particular Panera. My recent interaction only encourages me to do so more often.

Offer A Referral Program

Some might consider a referral program a form of bribery, and maybe it is. But it is also smart and can be very effective. If you provide great customer service and know you have happy customers, incentivize them to refer friends by giving them a discount.

It really is no different than paying for an ad on Facebook or Google. And although a personal recommendation does not have the reach of a digital ad, it has a great impact with those who receive the recommendation. Also a referral program generally is less cheaper than an ad campaign.

Ask For Reviews

If you know someone who is happy with the product or service they just purchased, ask them for a review. Many people are willing to share a good experience, they just need to know how. Direct them to Facebook, Google, or even ask for an email. It doesn?t matter how you collect reviews, just make sure you have a process to do so.

Developing a marketing strategy is one of the most important things a business owner can do to help their business grow. Part of your strategy should be cultivating and using positive feedback from satisfied clients.

A positive review amplified for all to see or a happy customer singing your praises to their friends and family is worth more than just about any type of marketing content you can publish!

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