The holy grail for every marketer is to have customers who become advocates for their business, or word-of-mouth. An advocate is someone who does the job of promoting your products, services, and even your organization to people they know. Essentially, it’s free marketing for you. 

Think about it—when you need something done, or you’re looking for a specific product, you start by asking your friends and family who they’ve used and who they recommend. That’s why word-of-mouth marketing can be incredibly effective; it’s coming from someone you know and therefore trust, so you feel like you can therefore trust the business or product. 

But before you can turn a potential customer into an advocate, you first have to find ways to connect with your target audience. 


You have to become a business people feel they can actually trust in the first place. And the first step in the process is to demonstrate that your organization has an understanding of your target audience’s pain points. 

Your audience’s pain point is the problem that they are experiencing that you can solve. Once you have their attention, you can begin to work on building trust. 

But even before any of that, you have to actually know and understand what those pain points are. So, let’s examine how you can begin to understand the pain points of your target audience.

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