Unique Value Proposition (UVP) – Beacon Marketing defines a business?s UVP as the characteristic or trait that sets the business apart from its competitors. Specifically, it is how the company addresses the pain points of its current and potential clients.


The Importance of Your UVP

Your UVP can be utilized in two ways: internally and externally. Let?s take a look at how you can put your UVP to work both inside and outside your organization:

  • Internally ?- Your UVP is the one characteristic that separates you from your competitors. It can, and should be, used to guide actions within your organization. Every day, your staff, from managers to front-line employees, must make tens, if not hundreds, of decisions. For the really tough ones, they should ask themselves what choice would best ensure the delivery of the UVP. They should try to choose the one most likely to make good on your unique value proposition.
  • Externally – You can use your UVP in your marketing efforts (more below) to help you stand out from your competitors. Remind your potential customers frequently that you can alleviate their pain points and do it a way that is entirely unique from your competitors. Aside from standing out, you will also create a deeper connection with your audience because you are addressing their specific pain point uniquely and effectively.

Because you can use your UVP to guide internal operations and your marketing, it might be one of the most important things you choose to define.

Defining Your Unique UVP

Now that you know what a UVP is and why it is essential, let?s look at how you can define it. Start by answering the following questions:

    • What services or products are you delivering? (state in 3-5 words)
    • Who is your target audience? (if you have multiple audiences you may have to create multiple UVPs)
    • What pain point are you solving? (if you are addressing more than one you may have multiple UVPs)
    • What makes your solution or process unique? (this is where you state what makes you different from your competitors)

Answering these questions will start you on the path to defining your UVP. As always Beacon Marketing is here to help if you get stuck.

Putting it to Use

Once you defined your UVP, put it to good use! You can use it in all aspects of your marketing: email, website, social media, even print. As we discussed above, make sure your staff knows what it is and that they should use it to help guide them in their day-to-day decision making.

It?s time to celebrate your uniqueness! As always, if you need help defining your UVP or finding ways to put it to good use, contact Beacon Marketing. We would love to help you!