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Starting a business is exciting, scary, fun, stressful, rewarding, and whole lot of other things. It is rewarding yet all consuming. There are times you will wonder if you made the right choice, how you will make ends meet, and if you truly belong as a business owner. In those times of doubt it helps know your why. Your why keeps you going by reminding you why you made the decision to start your business, why you work so hard, and why it will be worth all the effort. In essence your why serves as your beacon to guide you through the toughest times of owning a small business. You might be asking yourself what is Beacon Marketing?s beacon? Well that is quite simple: we believe there is a better way for small and medium sized businesses to market themselves and we are devoted to help those businesses find their better way.

What Guides Beacon

This idea of a better way to market is the very foundation of Beacon Marketing. It drives us to improve how we market ourselves and our clients. Here are some of the underlying principles that make up the core of our beliefs:

  • Marketing should be goal driven – For a marketing campaign to be successful, you must know what you are working towards. This means setting goals, or milestones, that you can measure your efforts against. We like using the SMART method of goal setting.
  • Strategy before tactics – There are no shortage of tools, tips, or tricks that have been designed to supposedly make marketing easier. However all of these solutions are tactics, that without an underlying strategy, can fall to deliver long-term results.
  • Be a resource – Your target audience does not want to be constantly sold to. What they do want is answers to the questions they have pertaining your services and/or products. Be a resource by providing quality content that addresses the questions they are asking and even the ones that they are not. Do this long enough and soon people will not only see you as a resource but a leader in the industry.
  • Develop a marketing personality – As you develop content for your target audience, consider the tone and style of your messaging. Your message should reflect how you, or anyone in your organization, would speak to a potential client. After all that is who you are speaking to. It helps to envision your online marketing presence as a person and assign that ?person? a personality. This will help you craft a message that speaks directly to your target audience in a manner that reflects the values of your organization.

These principles and the belief that there is a better way to market make up Beacon?s beacons. It is what drives us to improve everyday. Contact us today to let us know about your organization and your why.

What Guides You?

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