What To Expect From Beacon Marketing

Finding a marketing company that you can believe and trust in is difficult. Beacon Marketing was created with the idea of building a long-lasting relationship with our clients. That is only possible if both sides trust each other. We strive to build your trust by helping you grow your business. To do this, we have developed our service as a series of products, just like you offer to your clients or customers. These products, listed below, can be delivered to you via a hard copy, a digital file, or both. We want you to be able to understand, at all times, exactly what you are paying for and what you can expect.

Here are the products you can expect from Beacon Marketing:

  • The Destination Sheet*: For your marketing efforts to be successful, we believe you should have a clear set of goals, or what we call Beacons. The Destination Sheet outlines your Beacons and helps lay the foundation for what we do moving forward.
  • The Roadmap: Using The Destination Sheet, Beacon Marketing will develop a new, unique marketing strategy for your business. We call this ?The Roadmap,? and it will help guide us towards each of your Beacons.
  • The Itinerary: Once The Roadmap is finalized, Beacon Marketing will create a timeline, or ?Itinerary.? This will be a schedule of tasks we will need to complete in order to arrive at the Beacons as outlined in The Destination Sheet.
  • The 3 ?RE?s?: The 3 RE?s stand for Reinforce, Re-do, and Re-think. This is an ongoing process where we review your Destination Sheet, Roadmap, and Itinerary on a monthly basis. We see which Beacons we arrived at and develop new ones.

*This is part of our FREE evaluation offer, valued at $100. Please call for more information.

These products are the result of a well thought out process that comes from Beacon Marketing?s unique methodology, a methodology we believe gives small business owners the greatest chance to succeed in their marketing efforts.